Well, thought this would be kind of a bio, instead I am just going to share about how I live my life.  Been livin’ it clean for over 14 years by the Grace of God!! A single mother of a 6 year old autistic boy, which is quite challenging when I am still just a kid at heart. Frustrating at times, tries my patience, and I just don’t feel like I am a very good mother.  I wouldn’t change any of it for a second.  It’s made me who I am today.  I am starting to love me (just a little)…still not happy with the outside looks department, that I will get to work on with a friend of mine’s help.  Just got done raking a VERY big backyard, which I wish had a fence around so the dogs and my son could run around without having to worry about anything.  Well, next year at this time, we will be living somewhere in Arizona!!! In a BIG city, with LOTS TO DO!!! Meetings whenever I want, meeting new friends so we can go out and have a good time, sober!!  Find an awesome babysitter for my son, who will be attending an AWESOME SCHOOL (I hope) with NO COMMON CORE BEING TAUGHT!! Not asking for much, am I? Oh and to meet a REALLY nice guy who will love me and my son just as we are!! Maybe David Caruso will show up???